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What is Roller Derby?

"Only the most fun you can have on eight wheels!"

That’s right, on roller skates; with helmets, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, and mouth guards. The teams play two thirty minute halves, split into two minute periods called jams.

With five players from each team on the track at once, four blockers from each team form a pack, and one player from each team plays the position of jammer. The jammers must skate through the pack and score a point for each opponent they pass.

So how do the blockers stop them? With shoulders, hips and booty! Elbows, tripping, blocking or overtaking while out of bounds will earn skaters a one minute stint in the penalty box. At the end of each jam there is a 30 second break and then it all starts again!

Kingston City Rollers is a member owned and operated, not for profit Roller Derby league in Victoria, Australia, which strives for a positive, professional, competitive and athletic environment for all its members. Promoting the sport of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby, KCR provides a fun, safe, hardcore training environment.

The Modern Game

Roller Derby is evolving and growing, and chances are there is a league in your closest major city. Most current leagues play on a flat track, and adopt the rules of the USA governing body – the Womens Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

Leagues usually have at least two teams that compete in public bouts, which can attract massive crowds of up to four thousand. Recently in Australia leagues have starting taking their best players and forming all star travel teams to compete against other leagues.

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