Bench staff

As a non-skating member, you can join the team on the bench in a few different roles. Every team can have up to four (4) bench staff who are all pivotal to the success of the team. Check out the roles:

The bench coach is the person standing on the side keeping a close on eye on what is happening on track during gameplay. Their job is to:

  • Work closely with the team captain
  • Usually are the Alternate for the team
  • Manage overall game strategy according to the game state
  • Call jam strategy
  • Discuss officiating queries with the Head Ref
  • Call timeouts and request official reviews

The bench manager is the person on the bench who:

  • Maintains a calm, focused bench environment
  • Organises the skaters for the next jam (line-ups)
  • Works with the bench coach and team captain
  • Tracks skater penalites

The stats tracker is the person on the bench whose sole purpose is track game stats:

  •  Which jammer on the team is performing best
  •  Which jammer on the opposing team is performing best
  •  Which team line-up/pod is performing best
  •  How the team jammers match up against the opposing team line-ups/pods and vice versa

The jammer coach focuses on jammer specific and in-game adjustments. They teach the jammers all the tricks to get around those pesky blockers and score points.

Keen to get involved?
Skating not your thing?

We have roles where wheels aren’t required!

From barking orders from the sideline, to being on a microphone…we have something for you!

It doesn’t matter what you do, becoming a member of Kingston City Rollers means you can take full advantage of ALL the opportunities to participate in this sport of roller derby.

Only $50 per year


Commentators rely on data and previous experiences to draw likely conclusions during the game. While a play-by-play commentator has to be brave enough to predict possible impacts or changes that occur throughout play and relay them to an audience, a colour commentator can work alongside them to provide humorous discussion.

Commentators generally are are able to provide analysis on both intricate and complex matters when appropriate, while also entertaining the crowd and offering advice such as “try the cupcakes”.

Non-skating official (NSO)

NSO (Non Skating Officials) are officials that have various places around the derby track.

From the middle of the track where they are keeping track of the time and penalties, to the outer track where they are making sure skaters serve their penalty times in the penalty box.

Without NSOs, the scoreboard doesn’t tick and show you how close the game really is, or have the penalties tracked that skaters serve for breaching the rules.

Although, they have some of the best seats in the house, they have an amazingly keen eye for detail and can multi-task like nobodies business!

All the other things too

There are loads of other roles as well. Roller derby is made up of a squad of volunteers who all bring different skills, strategies, and ideas to KCR and every one of them is a valued member of our team.

We’ve got everything from Gaffers (people who lay gaffer tape), to Riggers (people who secure lights and cameras), Database Specialists (who keep track of stats in cool spread sheets), Server Technicians (keeping all the IT stuff doing, whatever it does), former World Champions and even a librarian. So, if you have ever wanted to join a team, send us a message and we’ll be happy to welcome you aboard.